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Paste Photos directly into outgoing emails with Staxofax. Paste to Outlook, Paste to Mozilla. It will
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16 May 2011

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Over the period of time emails have become the fastest and most convenient mode of written communication and having an email id is as common as having a home addresses nowadays. Besides, written communication there are a number of files that can be sent as attachment via using email id, for example documents, sounds, images and so on and so forth. However, multimedia files require additional tools for better and faster processing of emails due to its relatively bigger size and for sending images using email there is Paste Photos to Email Lite 2.01.00 tool available in the market. This powerful and highly competent tool is a freeware that costs nothing at all.

Paste Photos to Email Lite 2.01.00 software is a simple tool that allows you to copy paste user’s images on the body of the email without the requirement of attaching them or need of any other popular software. The modus operandi of this software tool is basically very simple, it permits the user to organize the images on the program window that has only the necessary options and nothing beyond. Then while composing an email all that the user has to do is click on the one button corresponding to a particular image on the program window and that particular image is copy/pasted on the body of the mail. Thereafter the user can use captions and titles above or below the image to make it more customized. This very useful and one of its kind software tool allows the user to make few changes on the images and make it suitable for the email space as well as facilitate clean view of the image by the recipients.

Paste Photos to Email Lite 2.01.00 is a must have software tool for those who regularly exchange emails that contains images. This three and half star rated product can considerably reduce the process of emailing and save time.

Publisher's description

Pasting your pictures into outgoing emails presents several problems. First of all, if your email account is with Gmail, Yahoo or any other free web based system, you need to install an email program like Microsoft Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird. (They are both free.) and send and receive your Gmail / Yahoo mail from that rather than use the emails web site. Setting up an email client to handle your Gmail or Yahoo mail is not difficult and has lots of advantages, one of which is the ability to paste pictures directly into your outgoing emails.
Unfortunately, there are still two more problems to overcome.
1. Your pictures are almost certainly far to large. They need to be reduced to a sensible size, not only so that the recipient can see them without scrolling his screen but also so that they can be transmitted in a reasonably short time.
2. The picture paste format which Microsoft mail accepts is different to the one which Mozilla accepts.
Staxofax overcomes both of these problems for you. It can paste both formats and it can also automatically reduce the photo size during the paste process.
Paste Photos to Email Lite
Paste Photos to Email Lite
Version 2.01
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